Negative P&L Balance is not correctly transferred to Tax Summary

On the Tax Summary, when there is a negative P&L Balance (Loss) this is interpreted as a positive P&L Balance (Profit) and the calculations then show that CT is due.

As shown in pictures below.

It looks correct to me for a LOSS.
The Net loss is red £322.79 (DR), so a £64.56 tax refund is shown.

The CTax shown in the calc above is red (DR) which means the £64.56 shown is a refund due from the Tax man.
To show this estimate in your accounts a journal can be used, 64.56 DR is journaled into the accounts under NC 2320 (a balance sheet entry) with the corresponding P&L entry under NC 8500 .as follows:

Sorry, my mistake completely missed the fact that the entries where shown in Red and where therefore a Loss/negative value.

That will teach me not to do my books so late at night!

Many Thanks