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Nepali Rupee


Hi @Glenn ,
Can you please advice how can I either create on my account or globally NPR (Nepali Currency)? It seems to be missing from Quickfile. I am looking at two separate companies who each trade from the small Himalayan country and have invoices which go in Nepali Rs.

Nepali Rs is pegged at 1.6 to Indian Currency i.e. Indian Rs 1 = 1.6 Nepali Rs. I would be very grateful if you could advice and help? I tried searching for some other currency which is pegged in same way but without much luck. The currency exists in XE (http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=INR&To=NPR)


Hi @manish

You’re not able to change the base currency from GBP, as QuickFile is designed for UK based businesses.

I have however passed your request for this currency (NPR) to our development team. I’ll be sure to let you know if we can add this, and update you here.


I didn’t mean to change the base currency but just the multicurrency to have Nepali Rupee. Please advice once you have any update from development team about the inclusion of the same if possible.

As mentioned above, I have 2 clients who are not moving to quickfile just due to lack of above and another potential client whom I can migrate to this platform and would enable us to do their accounting and booking keeping easier whilst earning revenue for your platform!


Apologies, when you mentioned “globally” I assumed you meant the base currency.

I’ve passed it over to our team, and I’ll let you know once we have any updates here :slight_smile:

@manish - We’ve added NPR to our list of currencies. You can now find this in the multi-currency settings


@QFSupport You are a star!


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