Net Cash Flows and Net Change in Cash are not balancing


How do I find out why these don’t balance please?


Hi @Matt

It’s likely to be down to a journal that’s affecting these figures.

It can take a bit of time, but try and find out, by adjusting the dates of the report, when it last balanced. That will identify when the change took place to throw it off.

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Hi Matt,
It is also worth to calculate the difference from these two amounts and then look/search for a purchase or sales invoice with that amount.

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Hi Matt

So I’ve established the difference over 10 months (!) are referenced by ‘Created from bank transaction’ - how do I correct this please?

I’ve checked a handful of these transactions and they are tagged “something not on the list” and split it across more than one code

Sorted - entries all corrected manually

Tx :slightly_smiling_face:

Split tags like that are implemented by creating a journal in the background, so that’s consistent with Matthew’s comment about journals.


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