New account cant import 1st 2 dyas from paypal before account set up

Hello , I have opened a new account and my year strats 1 April , I have put the balance at 31 Mar in for my bank and for paypal . Paypal isnt pulling through the details for 1st and 2nd April . I did stupidly lock the account from 1 april instead of 31 march and thought this was the problem so I deleted paypal and re-input the details yesterday for it to hopefully pull everything through through last night but it only pulled through the details from 3/4 . Do I have to it manually for the 1st and 2nd please
Thank you Doris

You could upload a paypal statement (csv) for the 1st and 2nd, which you can download from your paypal account. If you have only a few entries it is maybe faster to input it manually.
You could also wait until Monday (may Tuesday because I’m not sure is the quickfile team working on a bank holiday) and the support team is may able to do it for you.
Hope this helps

Thank you for your help I have done it manually just trying to find where I lost £22.60 in the process lol

Have you maybe entered things as the net amount after deduction of fees instead of entering the payments in as the full gross amount and logging the fees separately as money out? The latter is the correct way to handle it, and that’s what the feed will do.

Thank you Ian. no I did them gross and then the fess seperately , its something silly I know so will check later

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