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New Affinity Account team access issue

Hi, I’ve added a few team members to my Affinity team, they’re accountants that need access to some company files. I’ve added them this way as opposed to adding them to individual companies as there is an issue with using the same email address accross company files, one accountant requires access to 3 profiles and its the only way possible without asking him for 3 email addresses.

I noticed today that I setup a new profile but the system automatically granted access to it for all team members. I don’t want these people to automatically gain access as they are not the accountants for these clients. I go in immediately and remove the access but its a pain and not really a secure way of working, is there a way I can create a new company profile and the system will default that no team member has access unless I allow it?

Hi @Mushroom

There isn’t a way of doing this at the moment, but your feedback is appreciated. I will certainly pass this on to our development team.

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