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New bank management page appearance

Am I the only person wondering why the bank management page has changed in the last week and now takes up about twice the screen height? I have about eleven accounts (including petty cash which isn’t used) which used to fit on an HD screen but now I have to scroll to see the credit cards … on a 4K screen.

Hi @JohnJ

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll certainly pass this on to our development team.

I agree. It got bigger, it takes up 3 times the space, yet it has no extra purpose. I can only think the developers are working with new Bootstrap tools to get a responsive layout that looks better on mobile devices. That would satisfy comments elsewhere.

I think Mathew has said last year that QF wasn’t going to spend resources on a mobile app so a responsive system would be the best compromise. But text on loads of websites has got huge over the last few years and normal computer users have had to do lots more scrolling and this appears to be the result of the new approach. It doesn’t help that some browsers have hideaway scrollbars that you have to go looking for.

Hi @briansmart

This was actually something being discussed recently on the forum (here).

We are always making little tweaks across the platform for various reasons - some of it just visual improvements to help QuickFile stay relevant and up-to-date. As you say, many websites are just getting bigger overall.

Agreed. The bank management page and the bank account detail listing is changed.
No longer able to see input grid well. All too pale

Hi @lo_molo

What parts are looking too pale for you? We’re always open to feedback