New Bitcoin Integration

Anybody who would like to open up their services to the fast growing Bitcoin economy can now do so on Quick File. We’ve teamed up with to deliver a payment interface so that merchants can accept payment in bitcoin on their invoices. You don’t need to worry about holding bitcoin as Bitpay will immediately cash out to GBP so you’re protected from the risks of holding a volatile currency.

We’ve prepared a couple of guides to help you get to grips with bitcoin here:

If you have no idea what bitcoin is then, we’d also recommend that you start with this short video:

You will find the new bitcoin integration options by going to the manage payment options area:

From here you can enter your credentials:

When your client clicks to pay their invoice online they will have a QR Code they can scan and payment will be remitted to your bitpay account where it will instantly be converted to your chosen currency.

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FAQ link not working. Where can I find API Key to be entered in Quickfile account? Can’t find one on ma BitPay account.

Hi @motoko

You can find a copy of the FAQ here. Unfortunately the page has been removed since the original post has been made:

thanks, just fount the answer for my question.

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FAQ moved to archive? So bitcoin payments are still not so popular and not recommended?

BitCoin is still supported via The link that was mentioned above was removed when we re-organised our FAQ and moved it into our knowledgebase. Unfortunately, this was one of the FAQs that seem to have been lost, but is still available through Way Back Machine.

I have flagged this with our team to see if we can get a new one in the knowledgebase, but unfortunately don’t have a timeframe for this as of now.

The FAQ is a little out of date now, given it was published back in 2014. We’re waiting to see how the Lightning network develops and we will certainly look to support an established payment processor offering a layer 2 gateway for merchants.

In the mean time I will see if we can get the original FAQ brought up to date and published on our community site.

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