New cost for accout package

when will i need to pay the £45.00.can i pay it now or in dec.

Hi Neil,

The price comes into effect in December, buy you’re welcome to pay it now if you prefer.

Go to: Help > Additional Services > Power User Subscription

It will run for 12 months from the date of purchase

Hope that helps!

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Daft question, maybe, but can the £54 subscription (£45+vat) be put through my books as an allowable expense? (I am a sole trader).

I can’t see why not. I’d put it under ‘Subscriptions’ or ‘Hosting Fees & IT Consumables’.

Although, I’m not an accountant (someone please correct me if I’m wrong!)

Just done a quick search on this, and came across this (handy) list:

Point 1 - Accountancy Fees
Point 9 - Software annual fees

Edit 2
Better yet, found this link:

5th column down under allowable expenses is ‘Software’, which I believe is what you can classify QuickFile as


Hi Mathew,

Thanks for your reply and those links. Was quite surprised nobody has raised the query thus far. I certainly felt it would be allowable and I believe the hmrc guide vouches for that. I know it is not a lot, but, every little helps…as Tesco say!


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Accountancy software fees are allowable, generally the expense has to be wholly, necessary and exclusively for business. Usually that most things unless specifically disallowed. Software fees are indeed fine. I’ve seen some small sole traders pay over 2k a year for Sage.

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