New Direct Debit Overview Report

We’ve just added a new report to provide an instant overview of all initiated, pending, paid and cancelled Direct Debit payment requests. This information should help those who utilise our GoCardless integration to manage their recurring payment collections. It will allow you to instantly see all payments in differing stages.

You can access this report from the main recurring invoice list:

Or from the report section:

The report can be filtered by date, status, client name and bill ID.

We hope this will provide an enhanced view and simplify the tracking of all Direct Debit payments.


A commendable report, it would be most useful as the majority of our members pay by GC. Unfortunately I can’t seem to see this on the reports menu. Can you advise?

Good to hear, I’m sure it will be useful if you’re managing a significant number of DDs.

The option is not on the menu itself, but will appear when you go into “show all reports”.

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