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New feature on tagging not working when advance feature is set for 6 monthsl

Today I noticed a new box when tagging a bank transaction a box showing how many days it would look back.
However it only shows 3 days as default and is ignoring the setting in the advance feature “Search Range on Bank Tagging” when its set for 6 months (which I use for most clients) it looks back over six months for untagged invoices.
However the six months setting is being overriden by this “new feature” that shows 3 days so I have to change it every time when tagging. If go back to advanced features and set it for 3 months that works but when its set for 6 months in advance features, tagging reverts to looking only for a 3 day range

Hi @George_H

I just want to check, are you referring to this search range box?

Yes, thats the new search range box which should show what is set in the - Account Settings > Advanced settings:

Hi @George_H

Please accept our apologies. This has now been fixed. Please would you kindly check and confirm?

However, just to clarify - this has actually been there for some time.

I see the - Account Settings > Advanced settings: range box, has been reset to blank, on each of my affinity accounts, so I’ll set them all to 6 months again.

Thanks Mathew thats now working

This has just been updated, so any accounts where blank would have shown, should now show 6 months again.

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

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