New Integrations - Brightpay, Crezco and Ebay

Being able to connect your accounting software to all your favourite business tools and have them seamlessly talk to one another can free up your time by automating routine tasks. At QuickFile we’re continually looking to build new integrations around popular productivity tools and payment solutions.

This week we’re pleased to announce three brand new integrations.

BrightPay Payroll

BrightPay is an award-winning payroll software that takes the pain out of managing your own payroll. With BrightPay you can set up your employee profiles, generate payslips and electronically file all RTI submissions directly to HMRC.

We’re pleased to welcome BrightPay to the QuickFile App Marketplace. You can generate a token in the Marketplace that can be saved in your BrightPay software. When you run your payroll a journal will automatically be created in your QuickFile account with all the relevant PAYE liabilities and adjustments. This integration helps to keep your bookkeeping and payroll in sync without the need to manually create journals.

Crezco Open Banking Payments

You may be familiar with Open Banking for bank feeds, but did you know you can also use Open Banking to receive payments from your customers? Crezco offers a free Open Banking payment solution allowing your customers to scan a QR code and have your bank details automatically prepopulated in their mobile banking app.

Crezco is secure and eliminates the risk of a customer miskeying your bank account details. As with regular bank transfers, funds are transferred instantly without any additional processing fees.

eBay Managed Payments

eBay has recently launched their own native payment system called Managed Payments. If you’re selling goods on eBay you may be in the process of moving from PayPal to eBay’s new Managed Payments platform. We’re here to help you with that move and can now provide you with an automated data feed to import your eBay sales and processing fees into QuickFile.

The eBay feed works in a similar way to our regular bank feeds. You first need to create an eBay holding account in the banking section and then you can proceed to set up a feed. You will find more information in the links below.

That’s it for now, from the team at QuickFile we wish you a Happy Easter holiday.


This is awesome.

However, I am surprised with Brightpay integration.
It looks like it’s a ‘desktop based software’ - which I assume means that one has to have it installed on their computer to use it.
I thought cloud-based software like yourself was a way forward especially with mobile working and also working from home situations.

I like the feel of Crezco. It’s fairly new and it’s free and seems like a game-changer.
I am skeptical though - it won’t be free for too long, in the end, it’s all about making some profit and surviving. :wink:

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BrightPay actually approached us to move things forward because of the interest from their users. Which goes to show, it does pay to ask about these things.

BrightPay is good example really, because it’s a push integration, where they push data to QuickFile. In these types of cases, our hands are often pretty well tied and we can’t do much on our end.


Great news about the managed payments feed!

It says if you have more than 200 sales a day that it won’t work as it can only import 200 transactions - so anyone in that situation should consider ticking the box to aggregate the daily sales and daily fees.

I just wanted to check if the limit is 200 sales transactions or 200 total transactions - ie 100 sales transactions and 100 fee transactions?

I’ve set mine up to use the aggregate anyway.

Ebay managed payments feed aggregate transactions - does it take VAT rates and calculates them as well?
I have 0 and 20%.

When you tag the aggregate sales payment, it asks you which VAT rate, which category and which client.

So I tag mine to a client “ebay sales payments”, VAT rate “20%”, and category “general sales”

If you have both 0% and 20% then you’d have to open up the invoice and modify it accordingly - add an extra row for 0% sales and the amount of those sales, and of course amend the 20% row so it all adds up correctly.

Thank you Paul.
It looks like I have to test it. It is nonsense to modify aggregate sales if I set up rates on eBay before. The integration should know it i believe.

Alternatively, if you do less than 200 transactions a day, you could import the individual transactions on the feed and bulk tag 0% ones at 0% and bulk tag the rest to 20%?

Hi @Paulwk1972, It’s 200 sales, excluding any corresponding fee entries. Only 1 aggregate fee entry is entered per day.

@awariat the feed imports the bank entries but won’t automatically tag the entries to invoices, at least not at this stage. To my knowledge eBay don’t pass VAT information in their API, I have raised this question with the devs, so we can look into it (edit: confirmed).


@Glenn Got a problem with the feed which needs looking into.

I tried to privately message some of the QF staff about it but it seems as though no one is accepting messages at this time?

Can you or one of the other staff inbox me asap?


Hi @Paulwk1972

You can send messages to @QFSupport, which goes to all of the support team

Good news on Brightpay. Is this only for Brightpay 2021 - 2022 or also for 2020 - 2021?

I agree that Crezco looks very interesting but with no obvious way to monetize the service I worry that we could get stuck in the future with a pricing model out of proportion to the number of users that take it up.

I initially was excited by this as in theory it all sounds great, instant payment with no fees, but when most customers get confused by links and online invoicing/payments anyway I feel this will just add more confusion when a customer opens the invoice and gets a code to scan when they are doing it all on the mobile anyway. Seems this is an integration that is meant to be used on a computer to scan the code from your phone? The article seems to skip over this point.

Hi @Lurch

If the user is on a mobile, when they press “Continue” next to Crezco, it’ll redirect them and start the process without the need to scan anything, because as you say, they’re already on their phone.

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Ah OK, well that’s good! You should update the KB article to reflect this as it says “When the client selects this payment method a QR code will be displayed.” which I assume just refers to if they open the link on a computer then?

Correct :slight_smile:

We’ll get that updated

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Yeah, the Crezco thing looks too good to be true - if they’re not charging any fees to either the sender or the recipient of the money then how are they staying in business? Ultimately somebody must be paying for the service they provide…

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I was wondering the same and wrote an email to crezco about it but they did not come back to me, so far.
I know from companies like treecard, they get paid from the credit/debit card companies like visa. They get a small fee every time the credit card owner uses the card. So, there is no direct usage fee for the card owner.
But with crezco, I think there is not card provider involved because it is a kind of bank transfer. As I said, I was wondering the same but I had no response from them so far.

Indeed, the only thing I can think is if they’re getting some kind of kickback from the banks involved in the scheme but it’s hard to see what’s in it for the banks from that kind of arrangement.