New interface for P&L and BS

Just seen the new layout. I will definitely need some time to get used to the new version!.
So far looks good.

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It’ should be a bit lighter than it was before! Any feedback (good/bad) on the design is welcome :slight_smile:

We’ve also extended the Segmented P&L to cover a full 12 months and added a chart function for the P&L, BS and Segmented P&L (see the ‘Visualise’ tab’).

Glenn, The new balance sheet layout is good with the addition of long term liabilities.
However on the balance sheet we have lost the facility to view the assets with their depreciation deducted.
Can you please reinstate the tick box for this as I use it when compiling CH and HMRC accounts

Hi @George_H

I don’t believe this has been removed purposely. I have referred this to our development team

Just an observation

Looking at the new layout on a 27" screen, there seems to be a big gap between the account names on the left and the figures on the right. I.e. looks far wide apart.

Looking at it from a 17" screen, the gap seems narrower and better.

@Sameera we are considering put a cap on the width to improve readability on large displays. At the moment it will always stretch to fill 90% of the viewable area.


A maximum width has now been applied to the new report layout.

@George_H The net book value selector has been restored and is now checked by default.

Thank you, its now looking very good,
just one more error, when using the “Print Report” with the “show net book value” ticked.
It does not print it as per the NET book values like what is shown on the screen, instead it prints the GROSS asset values ignoring the ticked box for net values

@George_H we’ve resolved this on our development version and the update will be deployed tomorrow morning. Apologies for that!