New Invoice Raised Email Template - Company Name


When sending new Invoices I’d like to include the Company Name in the Email Subject and in the body of the email.
The custom tokens drop-down does not include the client’s company name.
On other templates there is a token @CompanyName@ but that does not seem to work for the New Invoice Template.

Please can you suggest how I can solve this?

Hi @Stephen_Greenslade

There isn’t currently a @CompanyName@ token for the new invoice template. I’ve not seen a situation where this is included in the subject line before. Do you have a particular use case for this?

I’ll convert this thread to a feature for the moment.


My use case is this:

I provide website hosting for a clients of a web designer friend of mine.
I have each website set up as a client and use the website address as the client name, with my designer friend as the contact who receives the emails with invoices.
He gets several email messages with ‘New Invoice Created @InvoiceNumber@’ in the subject. He can’t tell which client / website it’s for.
He looks at the body of the messages, he still can’t tell which client / website it’s for.
He has to click the link and open the invoice before he can work out which client / website.

Many thanks for raising this as a feature request.



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