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These last couple of months we have been working on a number of key improvements to our API.

##JSON Support

We have now introduced full support for JSON communications over the API covering all existing methods. The JSON API uses a unique endpoint for each method, you can find sample JSON requests and detailed documentation in our new and updated API documents.

Example: Create Invoice

##API Partner Programme

The API Partner Programme was introduced to allow 3rd party developers to easily create and share their own web and mobile apps with other QuickFile users. We’re working on a brand new Marketplace making it simple for developers to showcase their apps and for users to easily grant specific permissions to their account.

Find out more about the API Partner Programme here

##Improved Documentation and Sandbox Testing

With the API updates we’ve revamped all our API documentation to not only provide both JSON and XML sample requests but also a new interactive schema that will help you to understand exactly how your requests should be structured.

If you have the JSON API enabled on your account you can also submit your own JSON requests within your sandbox area. If you need any assistance using the API our support team are always keen to help out, just post your questions and any sample code to the Extensibility Category on our forum.