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New Look?

Is there a new look to QF or am i seeing black lines for some other reason??

This is what im seeing??

Hi @Hayles

This certainly isn’t something we’ve changed. What web browser are you using?

Using Explorer the one i always use

Internet Explorer? What version are you using?

Yes internet explorer, i dont know what version as i coming and work for a company in their office. They have it frquently updated and i believe they use Windows 10? if that makes any difference (im a Mac person myself)

Just found out… Version 11.504.17763.0

Hi @Hayles

I’ve tried to replicate this but haven’t been able to. I’ve tried this onn Windows 10 using the exact same version of Internet Explorer, but mine looks fine:

Have you installed any plugins / extensions recently that may have caused this?

I havent, no! I will have to contact the company that does all of the updates, they may of done something. Its very annoying as i cannot see half of what i need to… But thank you for your help

If you could use a different browser, that may be a better option. Edge is the newer Microsoft browser if that’s what you wanted to stick with. Hopefully your IT guys can help though :crossed_fingers:

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I Have switched and im getting the exacte same view :frowning: very strange, The IT guy will have to sort it out.


Hi @Hayles,

Did your IT guy manage to sort it out for you?

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