New Purchase entries not showing

I’ve submitted my 1st VAT Return and I’m now entering invoices for May purchase ledger, bot no entries are showing in the supplier record or balances outstanding. The VAT quarters are showing the correct dates. Do I need to Rollback VAT Return to refresh my input?
I’ve just gone back to my Tax Account - VAT Returns
Key Start Date End Date Status Due Date Submit
19A1 1 Feb 2019 30 Apr 2019 Open 7 Jun 2019 Prepare
19A2 1 May 2019 31 Jul 2019 Open 7 Sep 2019 Prepare
and it’s looking like the VAT Return hasn’t been sent to HMRC. The last notification I had from QF stated SUBMITTED: 3 Jun 2019 09:41
I had a notification from HMRC saying SIGN UP COMPLETE on 28th March.
On 3rd June I received a notice from HMRC another notice. Authority to interact with HMRC on your behalf The QuickFile Tax Link software application is requesting to do the following:
View your VAT information
Change your VAT information
It will be able to do the above for 18 months from when you grant authority. Followed by a LINK Grant authority which I clicked.
I am in a very confused state at the moment a to where I am on this and need you to come back to me as soon as possible. Many thanks Margaret.

Hi @mesholmes1956

On your VAT return, is it showing a HMRC ID? Likewise, if you log into your HMRC account directly, does it show that the VAT return has been received?

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Hi Matthew, thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I’ll log in and take a look.

The VAT Return on QF doesn’t show any VAT registration number at all.

The VAT return won’t show a VAT number.

What I was referring to above was a HMRC ID, which confirms HMRC received it. It’s labelled as a “Correlation ID”. If this isn’t present, then it means the return wasn’t sent to HMRC.

The return itself should be showing as either “Saved” or “Submitted”. If it’s “saved”, it’s only saved to your QuickFile account.

Hi Matthew, I didn’t receive any notification from QF or HMRC that the return had been filed. I t seemed strange but I just assumed it had gone through.

The MTD system works a bit differently to the older system.

Previously when you submitted a return, it used to take HMRC a few minutes to process it. So you could submit it and they can still reject it. When we knew if they did accept or reject it, we sent a confirmation email.

Now, with MTD, HMRC would reject it at the point of sending if there are any issues.

If there’s no correlation ID and it’s showing as “Saved”, the return has only been saved rather than submitted. In this case, roll it back (which undoes the process). Then go to Reports >> HMRC and go through the process there.

On the return screen itself you will also see a checkbox at the bottom of the page which submits it to HMRC. This needs to be ticked, or it’s not sent.

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Thanks Matthew, I’ll have to do this tomorrow now, it’s too late in the day for me be doing now. Many thanks for your assistance, have a lovely evening. Kind regards Margaret.

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PS I have paid the VAT, that’ll confuse em !!!

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Good morning Matthew. The VAT return definately hasn’t been submitted to HMRC.
I’ve rolled it back, and have gone to reports and HMRC Tax Accounts and Connected the new tax account (I’m now showing 2 accounts for the same company) I’ve not heard anything back from HMRC at all. On my HMRC Tax Accounts page in QF is showing
Type Name Connected UTR Number View
company name 03/06/2019 - view
13/06/2019 - view
I’m just not sure what to do next.
Kind regards Margaret.

Hi Margaret,

If you click into both of them and view the VAT obligations, are they both the same? If so - you can just disconnect one of them.

To submit your return you go into the VAT obligations, select the relevant period and then click Prepare.

Hope this helps

So I’ve deleted 1 account created in error.
I’ve now clicked on prepare, and amended the VAT Settings to enable Vat returns to be submitted from QF. Where do I go from here please?

Hi @mesholmes1956,

So if you’ve checked your VAT settings, you’ve gone to Reports > HMRC selected the account, period and then clicked Prepare. Happy that your figures are correct there is a save/submit button at the bottom of the return.

Once submitted if you view the VAT return again you will have a reference from HMRC at the top.

At the bottom of the return you should see this. Make sure that the tick box is ticked and then you can click Submit Return.

Submitted and acknowledged by HMRC. Thank you so much Beth. Hopefully it won’t be so complicated next time. Many thanks to Matthew and yourself for helping me through. Kind regards Margaret.

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