New purchase not adding VAT


I’ve recently signed up and adding the details, I went to add a new purchase and filled it all out noticed that it didn’t seem to add VAT and it stayed at £0.00.

I am not VAT registered and confused why it would not add 20% like it should do.

Obviously I’m concerned that just leaving pressing save without the VAT amount added will make my books wrong.

Can anyone help or explain

As you are not vat registered you need to enter amount including vat, gross

Adding VAT when you’re not VAT registered will make your books wrong.

Hi guys,

Thanks for getting back to me.

@Glenn - Yeah I don’t want to get my books wrong just confused why it’s not added and makes out I’ve paid less than I have?

@FaradayKeynes - How do I do that? It doesn’t seem to give me the option without saying i’m VAT registered…?

Thanks again

You should untick vat registered option in your account setting

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