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New Tide Feed


2018 so far has been an interesting year for business banking, with many of the new challenger banks moving into the small business sector and a real shift towards fully integrated digital banking. Although Tide have been in this space for a little longer than some of the other challengers, they have recently rolled out a comprehensive API for account feeds and payment initiation.


QuickFile are pleased to announce a new direct feed for Tide Business Accounts. Connect your account in a few steps and maintain an up-to-date bank balance, without manual reconciliation.

Designed for people on the move, Tide is a new mobile-first banking provider delivered directly to your phone through their dedicated banking app.

Their simple pricing structure of no monthly fees, and a Mastercard debit card makes them perfect for companies and sole traders alike.

As a technology focused company, Tide is primarily app based with a clean and simple web interface to accompany it. View your balance, transfer funds and manage your cards in just a few taps.

Their business current accounts are available for companies and charities registered with Companies House, as well as sole traders (including freelancers):

As always, we remain 100% committed to working with all banks that make a direct feeds possible. Here are a few projects in the pipeline.

  • Starling Bank - Scheduled June / July
  • Metro Bank - Scheduled July / August

As soon as we have any further developments on any new feeds, we will be in touch.


Can’t wait for the Starling Bank integration!


I already have a Tide ac set up. Will that make a difference to setting up the auto feed? TIA


Hello @justbreve

When you set up the feed (either on an existing or a new bank account on QuickFile), it will start pulling transactions in from that day onwards. So activating it today will mean it will run for the first time tomorrow morning (pulling in transactions from the last 24 hours).

I hope this helps, but please let us know if we can help further.


Perfect - thanks @QFSupport