New tide integration does it also import receipt and attachment?

When I tag a transaction in tide and add a photo of a receipt or invoice does this automatically get added to quick-file?

Hi @Paul_Cheetham

Not at this time, only the transaction date, description and value.

I don’t believe the Tide API actually supports this, but we can certainly consider it in the future if and when it is supported by them.

Although there are some issues that we would need to address beforehand, such as where would we tag the files, as files can only be attached to an invoice (sales or purchase), and all transactions are untagged.

Thanks my problem with quick-file and uploading to receipt hub there is no optical recognition as with other bookkeeping saas so you have to manually enter the transaction amount for every receipt/invoice you upload and its very time consuming- correct me if I’m wrong?

Also is there no transaction category included?

That’s correct - QuickFile doesn’t have this built in, but it may be possible through a third party service (or even via Zapier).

I’m not sure if there’s a feature request open for this - I’ll check and update my post.

Like the other bank feeds, we get date, description and value for each transaction which is then pulled into your bank statement view for you to tag.

As promised, in regards to the OCR, the only feature request I could find was a link with ReceiptBank. However, my colleague’s post as part of that thread may be of interest to you:

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