New to Quickfile, VAT Help Please

Hi Everyone,

This seems like one of the ‘saner’ places online whilst looking to solve this MTD issue.

I have always done my own VAT manually via the HMRC, but as we all know that has now changed.

OK, so I have signed up to QuickFile, and entered my VAT details and then went to submit VAT return (not due yet until June-ish) but I am just wanting to make sure I have the right solution in place for when that time comes.

I then come across the following:

I may be well off the mark here, but am I right in thinking I just type the details in for my VAT return into the relevant boxes, press submit, and that works as part of my ‘Making Tax Digital’ obligations?

Or am I missing something obvious, is that page part of the bridging that is needed?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @StevenUK

Welcome to QuickFile!

The VAT return in your screenshot is one where the figures are derive from the invoices on your account (sales and purchases).

If you’re not using QuickFile for this, unfortunately simply entering the figures will not make you MTD compliant as there needs to be a digital link between your data and the return. Simply copying and pasting isn’t acceptable by HMRC.

However, the good news is, we have a solution. You will need the bridging module on your account, which is a new tool we’ve recently developed. This allows you to upload a document (such as a spreadsheet) and we’ll fill in the return based on that document. This is acceptable as the figures are digitally created.

There’s more information on this here: VAT Bridging

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Hi Mathew,

That is brilliant to hear. All our sales are by PayPal, and direct banking, so we don’t usually do anything digital-wise, and usually just print the CSV file off for our accountant once a year for the year end returns.

I’ll take a look at that link, and thanks again.


No problem! If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to let us know. It’s a new tool, so any feedback welcome!

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