New User, Just Setup, Do I have to wait for PayPal feed?

Brand new user :slight_smile:
My Paypal feed shows nothing except a zero balance (not true) does Quickfile not do an initial feed? it has been about 3 hours now.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @mbc0,

Welcome to QuickFile!

The feeds tend to refresh overnight so if you are still missing transactions tomorrow then please let us know :slight_smile:

Hi @mbc0

Just to add to @QFBeth’s post, you can manually refresh the feed for today’s transactions, but historical transactions will need to be manually input or imported.

The feed will only work from the day you set it up.

Thank you Beth :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, that’s a shame I have about 40+ transactions in there, I need to start typing then!
Thanks both for your replies

You can manually download the transactions from PayPal and import them.

Thank you, I tried uploading the paypal exported QIF File and get an error “There was an error processing your file, Please check with the system administrator” so I tried exporting a csv from Paypal and get another error " There was an error processing your file There is no row at position 0."

Is there another way?

Also, according to Quickfile my paypal balance is still £0 does Quickfile not import the balance or is it calculated from entries?

Thank you

Are you importing using the PayPal option? Sometimes selecting other and mapping the columns yourself can get around errors using presets.

The balance of the bank accounts on Quickfile are simply the opening balance +/- transactions.

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