New year clear dashboard

Hi ,
Is there a function / way to create a new year so previous invoices are kept seperate and can start a new year with a clear dashboard? Effectively move previous year to a folder??


Running the end of year tool will separate everything for you. However, any invoices outstanding will still be outstanding in the new year so will still be shown

Thanks, have run the year end journals but it still shows all the invoices from last year on dashboard and bank balance??

It will - your bank balance doesn’t change at the year end, it continues. I certainly wouldn’t want to see my bank balance change to £0 because I’ve finished a tax year :smile:

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Ah ok!
Thought it would restart fresh from zero balance - easier to read and separate payments.

Your bank balance on here should reflect your real time bank balance (as long as you keep it up to date, or use the feed with Barclays etc). Unless you transfer every penny out of your bank on the last day of your accounting year, the bank balance shouldn’t go to £0.00

If you want to view just invoices for the new year, you can archive all the old ones, as you can with purchases. That may help?

However, as I said above, all your chart of accounts, your profit and loss etc will zero as it is a new accounting period.

That’ll do it , archived the invoices !


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