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Newbie VAT Question

Hello I have just set up my account and linked my HMRC account so ready to try and file my first VAT return. I am on the flat rate VAT scheme and have about 6 clients that I invoice monthly. So it should be fairly simple. I set my start date from 1st April and Have created an invoice. To see if it has worked I have gone into my VAT calculation to see if it has captured the invoice but all is still at zero. Any ideas where I am going wrong ? TIA.

To be included in a VAT return the invoice needs to be

  • “sent”, not “draft”
  • dated on or after your vat start date
  • dated on or before the last day of the period you’re filing
  • not marked “out of scope”

Or if you’re on cash accounting then the dates refer to the date of the payment rather than the date of the invoice.

You say you have “created” an invoice - have you flagged it as sent or is it still saying draft? And if you’re on cash accounting has the invoice been paid during the relevant period?


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