No figures showing up on VAT return

I have just started using Quickfile. I am trying to submit a VAT return with MTD and am on the Flat rate system. I have one invoice that has been paid for the period and have entered that manually into the sales section of my Quickfile account. However when i try and complete a VAT return all the boxes show Zero.

Hi @Joshuaneale

Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT?

Hi Mathew, Cash accounting.

At a guess, I’d say it’s likely to be related.

Was the invoice paid within the period of the VAT return? For example, if the return is 1st July to 31st October, was the invoice paid in this period?

Yes it was sent and i marked it as paid within the invoice period

The invoice wasn’t sent directly via Quickfile but separately by me as sent earlier than my quickfile registration. I manually marked as paid.

Any further advice Mathew?

The important thing is that it was paid, and the paid date (not the invoice date) was within the VAT period.

Yes both those criteria are true Mathew. But my issue is it’s not appearing on when i try and create a VAT return for that period.

Let me send you a private message and get some details from you, and we can take a look

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