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No longer need account

I do not need the subscription any longer as I am ceasing trading. Is there a way that I can still access my records once the subscription is cancelled or will I have to print everything out?

The subscription is only required while your account is classed as L or XL - more than 1000 nominal entries in the last rolling 12 month period. The key word is “rolling”, if you are no longer adding new entries then at some point within the next year your account will drop out of the L bracket naturally, after which point you will be able to access your data without a subscription. If you need access before then but after your current subscription expires then you will need to either renew the annual subscription or create an Affinity account and connect your QuickFile account to that. Affinity charges pro rata per day rather than a lump sum per year, so if you only keep your account connected to Affinity for the brief periods when you need to access it then the cost is minimal.