No matching transaction suggestions for bank transfer

When attempting to link Stripe payouts between my Stripe holding account and main bank account feed I am not being given any suggestions for matching transfers, despite there almost always being one between +/- 4d. It doesn’t work regardless of which account I am attempting to tag the transaction in.

If I inspect the modal, I can see that the dropdown within the element id transferMatchingTr for suggested matching transactions is there, but it is set to display: none.

Has this feature been removed? I have tried in both Safari and Chrome.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @tjyone

I’ve asked our development team to take a look into this, as I’ve managed to replicate it on my end.

Please bear with us, and we’ll post an update as soon as we have one.

@tjyone - Can I just check, does the matching transaction show up after you select the bank account and then press “Save”, or does it create a new transaction?

No, it creates an entirely separate, duplicate transaction.

I am having same problem . when i select account to transfer i get an error pop up asking me to enter a valid amount. then no matching of transaction - creates a new entry

Hello @tjyone

An update has been deployed to rectify this.

Can you give it another try please.

@roger2282 - You should see something like this for the below scenario


  • Go to one bank account and create a money in transaction of, say, £100
  • Go to another bank account and create a money out transaction of the same value and within 2-3 days of the first transaction
  • Click “Tag Me” and select “transfer between accounts”
  • Select the other bank account you used
  • You would normally be presented with a drop down like the screenshot above.

sorry still not working for me.
when i click on the drop down box to select account I am still getting an error popup saying please enter a valid amount see attached.

when i enter the amount it does not find the transaction and just creates another one in thw wise account see attached


Hello @tjyone @roger2282

I have referred this back for further review for you.

I can’t tell from your screenshots but given the name “Wise fx account”, can you confirm: are both accounts denominated in the same currency (and if so which currency is it), or are you trying to tag a transfer that involves currency conversion?

Hi it involves currency conversion.
Tide is GBP wise is eur. On the transfer it correctly it asks for EUR amount.

Have been using this method for years with no problem. Only stopped working in last week or so

Having the same issue. When categorizing transaction in main bank account as transfer between bank account it does not find a match and so ending up with duplicate transaction.