No sales report?

Good morning all,

I always used QF only as an invoicing software. There are about 100 sales invoices from the last accounting period. Most of them are issued in GBP, some in EUR. About 20 customers in total.

The problem I’ve stumbled upon is that none of this inoices are visible in sales reports. Also, If I choose particular client there is 0 GBP/EUR in ‘Total Invoiced’ area. I’m really confused about this and have no idea how to ‘assign’ all of these invoices to the ‘All sales’ account.

I’d be extremely grateful if anyone could give some insights of how it works in QF.

Hi @gefinance

One thing that catches quite a few people out is the date of the reports. With the reports, they use the invoice date, so if an invoice is outside the period of the report, then it won’t be showing.

Another thing to check is when viewing the list of invoices it only shows active invoices (that is, ones you haven’t archived or deleted). At the bottom of the invoice page you’ll have the option to toggle through these.

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