No snail mail option for sending invoices?

We have been using QuickFile now for a few months

I cannot see the send by snail mail icon anymore when creating & sending invoices

I’ve checked both that my client has a complete and valid address and also that the “send invoices by snail mail” box is checked in their control panel

I purchased some credit from QuickFile to do this and it’s really frustrating that I cannot

Are you using the “Contemporary Invoice Template”? I’m afraid this template is not compatible with the Snail Mail service as the address is in the wrong position for the windowed envelope that iMail use.

If you switch back to the standard template, the option will reappear. If you don’t like the standard template I can move you to our new invoice style system (currently in Beta)? There are more design options here. The contemporary design you are using will also eventually be discontinued when the new system goes live.

Hi Glenn

I changed back to the standard design and the info box is covering half our logo
I now cant seem to go back to the contemporary design which has left me a bit stuck here…

Can i sign up to the beta as i really need to choose an invoice template that works asap

Looks like you’re already on the new system. Although when I checked the info box is not covering the logo, maybe you fixed this already?

Hi Glenn

Yes - i seen you added me to the beta programme and immediately set about changing the invoice template.
I was able to use the css editor to move the alignment about and we seem to have a template that’ll work both for our logo and sending via snail mail


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Excellent…You clearly know what you’re doing with the CSS!