Nominal Activity in PDF


Is it at all possible to print a nominal account activity in PDF?

Only Excel / CSV, you could however convert that to PDF if you wanted.

Thanks, I tried it now, and it is not the look I’d like to get. The data is not presentable in such a format. And there is a limit of 50 items per report, too. Unless I’m mistaken. :slight_smile:

The great thing about a CSV file, is you can then style it as you want - there’s no set format attached to it like there is with a PDF.

There is also a way of exporting all your nominal activity by following the instructions here

Hope that helps!

That’s great. I see how I can do it now, althought this is some additional work I probably would not like to have to do, but for now I’ll have to stick with it.

How about exporting a Nominal Account activity for a restricted period. For example, when a client requests a nominal account activity, say from 01/06/16 to 30/09/16, because Housing Benefit require him to do so, how do I export that in full without having to create few files containing only 50 transactions each? Thanks!

While you can’t limit the date range of the export, you can export all of your accounts nominal activity. I linked to guide on how to do this in my post above.

If you open the file in Excel or similar, you should be able to filter your data to a date range you require. I’m sure I’ve posted this before somewhere - will try and dig up the post for you :slight_smile:

The previous post regarding the filter function in Excel can be found here:

Hi again,

Thanks ever so much for your help so far.

Still, the backup did not contain all the accounts activity, so I was unable to extract the information required. For example, I could not see any of the expenses accounts in the zip file. Can you help?

Do you mean expense nominals in the Nominal_Ledger.csv file? Are you able to give me any examples so I can take a look?

Hi, I meant the actual activity within each expense account - range 6000 - 9999. I cannot export all the debits and credits on these accounts.

The backup file Nominal_Ledger.csv will include all nominal activity from 1-9999 (the full Chart of Accounts), if you have activity on 6000-9999 this should be included in Nominal_Ledger.csv.

Hi, found it now. Sorry! Thanks for the help!

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