Nominal Code - Choose specific numbers

Is it possible, when adding in new nominal codes, to choose the numbers?
One of my clients uses an external system to automatically invoice their customers.
The external system has been set up to link with 30 or so nominal codes already in their current system (sage).
I was hoping to use all the same sales codes that are already in existence, so the client could just use the import routine to pull in the invoices to quickfile, without having to manually change all of the codes each time.


Unfortunately it’s not possible to specify a precise number when creating a nominal code in QuickFile. It may be possible to develop this control, so for now I have converted this post to a “Feature Request”.

The only limitation we would need to retain is the nominal code number ranges.

Balance Sheet Codes

Assets and Liabilities (0001 - 2999)
Capital and Reserves (3000 - 3999)

P&L Codes

Sales (4000 - 4999)
Purchases (5000 - 5999)
Direct Expenses (6000 - 6999)
Overheads (7000 - 9999)

These ranges are used specifically for putting everything in the right place on the P&L, balance sheet and other reports.

retaining the code ranges is fine, I think most software does the same. It would definitely be good to be able to choose your own within a range though!

Yeh I see the benefit of being able to do this and it shouldn’t be difficult to implement. I’ve asked for it to be reviewed for now so we can see how that goes.

@Anna, I’m pleased to confirm that this has now been implemented. When creating a new nominal code we now allow you to specify the exact number. You do however still have the option to let QuickFile choose.

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