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Nominal Code & Nominal Account Name Report: Include in Back Up?

As part of the weekly/monthly back up, would it be possible to include a list of the nominal code, nominal account name. It does not need to contain any data. Just one single 2 column list containing both nominal account numbers, nominal account names, for the selected Quickfile company. Each heading listed under their own column (one column listing all NC and one all nominal account heading).

At the moment I’m having to download this separately (Report>Chart of Accounts>Export Data>List of nominal account balances), it would be fantastic to include this information in the weekly/monthly back up. From this I can start to easily produce Excel Power Query reports (allowing budget vs actual, all transaction data containing Invoice No./QF Purchase receipt No, client/supplier details, descriptions & amounts)

I can’t see any problem with that. I will put in a request to get this implemented in the next couple of weeks.

Glen if this could be implemented it would be fantastic.

Technically it could mean from your weekly/monthly downloads (via excel power pivot/query) you can generate budget Vs actuals, show transactions by projects, detailing all the transactional data in a single row (date,invoice/QF number, client/supplier, description, amount, project, nominal code, nominal category heading).

Hi Andrew,

We’re now including an additional file in the backup called chart_of_accounts.csv. Hopefully this will deliver what you need.

It’s interesting what you’re putting together with Excel. If you’re able to share a template that would be very much appreciated, I’m sure it will benefit other users

Glenn thanks for making this happen. I’ve been away and a little busy at the moment but will create an excel power query report example. Having the nominal codes within the backup report is great, thank you!

As mentioned, this will allow the ability of budget vs actual reporting (something you can’t currently do in Quickfile). You also have the ability of creating an excel dashboard ect…

If I create a video (for instance published to You Tube). Is there anyway to post a link in the forum?

No problem at all, it will be a useful addition for others I’m sure.

If you just paste in the YouTube link here it should make a nice embedded preview.