Nominal code Re-allocation

is there a way to change nominal codes for 50-60 bank payment transactions in one go?

payment allocated to 7003 has to be re-allocated to code-2220

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Hello @vinod

It would depend on if the transactions are locked or not.

You go into the bank account, select the relevant transaction(s) and click the move to nominal code option at the top (shown below)


Hi Steve,

I cannot find move to new code option on my bank window search,where can I find it?

and also payments made to netpay account is showing as a journal why?

Please share your thoughts


It’s not in the bank account view, it’s in the nominal view - go to your balance sheet report, then click through to the nominal view of the relevant bank account in the assets/liabilities section.

(Note that in the nominal view it’ll look like money in and out are reversed but that is correct - money in transactions show as nominal debits and money out shows as credits.)

Hello @vinod

You view the transaction on the banks code via
Reports > Chart of accounts > Select your banks nominal code

Hi Steve,

When I try to move the transactions to a new nominal code,I can see only few of the nominal accounts,not the ones I was looking for example CIS LABOUR

Please let me know why?


Sorry, I misunderstood, going to the bank account nominal view would let you move the transactions to another bank account, if you want to keep them in the same bank account and move the other side then you’d have to go to the nominal view of 7003 (via the chart of accounts) and do the move to new code from there.

However those specific nominals suggests to me that it won’t be quite that simple in this case. When you tag a bank transaction as a salary payment and you don’t have “post net wages to balance sheet only” configured in your settings, I believe what it actually does is create a journal with four lines, that moves the money from your bank to 2220 (net wages) and then immediately from 2220 to 7003 (net staff salaries paid). So to fix all the transactions the only way to do it would be to edit each individual journal and remove the two extra lines.

At this point what I’d probably do is give up on fixing the individual entries and instead just journal the balance from 7003 over to 2220 (with a note explaining why), and then set “post net wages to balance sheet only” so that future wage postings just go to 2220 in the first place.

Hello @vinod

You can only bulk move codes within the same range. So, a code on 2003, for example, can only be assigned to the 2000-2999 range

7003 is a salary code, so it has to stay within the 7000-9999 range (overheads)

What Ian said would be the best approach here - Post a journal to move the balances.


Is it possible to print a report which shows the net pay account without the movement journals? is it possible to move transactions as a batch to a new nominal code?

Please help as It is taking significant time to figure out this

Yes. Go to chart of accounts. click on the account where you want move entries from. On the left hand-side, tick all the entries you want to move. After that chlick on Move to new code
at the top of your screen/page. A new window opens where you can enter a new nominal code

Hope this helps

There is no move to new code option here

As I said above, those entries come from journals so the only way to get rid of them is to fix each journal individually to remove the credit 2220 and debit 7003 lines. At this point you’re better off just journalling the whole 7003 balance back over to 2220 in a single hit and then setting the “balance sheet only” option so it doesn’t happen again in future.

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