Nominal Codes and New clients

Hi again,

I have a couple of queries. Is there a list somewhere which explains what each nominal code is used for?.

Also when adding new clients manually should I put the clients company name as client name or the contact I deal with?
At present im putting the clients company name in the ‘Client Name’ field then adding the contact name in the ‘Contact Name’ field.

The problem with this is when a new client pays me for the first time via paypal it automatically adds a new client via the clients actual contact name, this means I have a duplicate client. Shall I just remove the clients I’ve added manually and let the automated system do its thing?.

If you go to the ‘Chart of Accounts’ by clicking ‘Report >> Chart of Accounts’ from the top navigation menu. You will see a full list of the nominal codes, next to each nominal code is a “?”, simply hover over it to view the helper:

The way you are entering the information at present is correct.

You should either tag the sales yourself manually or let the PayPal feed create the customer and invoice automatically. You can change the PayPal feed settings by going to the banking area and selecting ‘Feed Settings’:

As always, thankyou for your very helpful response, I’ve changed my feed settings to ‘Leave the tagging to me’ as I like having control over my sales/payments received.