Nominal ledger opening balances

I’m starting using QuickFile and have a spreadsheet of about 15 nominal account opening balances that I need to enter from my previous FYE. But I can’t see where or how to do that. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

Hi @dgee

Effectively the opening balance is a journal, so you would need to create a journal for the balances you have from the spreadsheet.

To create an opening balance journal, go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Setup your opening balances. I would recommend seeking the help of an accountant to ensure this is entered correctly (I’m not one). If you don’t have an accountant, we can certainly put you in touch with a panel who uses QuickFile.

Did you use any other software other than spreadsheets? There may be an easier way if you did, such as using a trial balance report.

You may also find this page useful:

You can also import a spreadsheet (CSV) file with your opening balances from Account Settings >> All Settings >> Import Trial Balance.

They other option you see there is for the manual journal entry method.

Thanks, I see now.

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