Nominal ledger view - show supplier and invoice details

When I’m reviewing the nominal ledger all that is seen is, for example “Purchase Invoice: Items for purchase #QF01719”, which is not very helpful and we end up going back and forth into each entry to discover what it is.

Are you able to show perhaps the supplier along with the description on the purchase invoice please.

This would be a very useful feature.

Thank you, Russell

We did enhance this report quite recently to do as you suggest:

Hi Glen - I noticed that and of course was looking at a month where the notes were not there - so on the related post you mention a routine to update - if this could be done that would be great.

I also then tried to do an export from a period where the notes were included and these are not exported - this might be a useful addition to the export file.

Cheers, Russell

Please can you PM me your account number and I will see if we can run a script to update the blank notes?

Hi Glen - account -

Thank you, Russell

Hi, Did you resolve the issue of being able to export the detail (i.e.the notes)??
I need to be able to manage Vehicle purchases vs Vehicles sold (for example) and if I have put the registration in the notes field I would like to be able to export this info to reconcile between the 2 ledgers??


It’s on our development list at the moment. We should get around to this in the next 1-2 weeks.

Brilliant that will make the ‘reconciliation’ much easier. Don’t suppose you can customise a report to compare nominal accounts directly and group by reference??!!

How do you mean exactly? Can you provide more detail?

This has now been fixed. CSV exports will now include an additional column for the notes.

Brilliant, I’ll try it out shortly!!

Should this column for notes work when exporting a chart of accounts detailed activity report? I can’t see any notes, only the description e.g. Items for purchase #QF1111.

Is there a purchase ledger report showing all purchases, and which nominal account each one has gone to?

I’m looking for an easy way to review all entries to make sure they have been put to the correct nominal account.