'Non-token user' problem with Bank Feed

A client of ours who was using the bank feed feature previously with Barclays recently purchased a Yodlee subscription and tried to set up their bank feed again with a new bank account (Barclays still). They have been unable to do this and we have had the client in our office trying to go through this with him and it just isn’t working. When we get to the page to enter your bank login details we are met with ‘unable to verify/authorise’ or something along those lines. We then have to login on the actual Barclays login on a separate web page, which we’re able to do and then when we press ‘refresh’ on the QF screen that is telling us of the error it rejects us anyway. The client, losing patience, went to Barclays to try and see if they would offer help. He was told he needs a ‘token code’ from QF and if he got that and gave it to Barclays they could set up the feed then. This completely baffled me and my colleagues as in 3 years of using QF day in, day out we’d never heard of this. We have set up bank feeds over 15 times for clients and never encountered this problem before.

Can anyone offer guidance at all?

Hi @ElpisBS

I think there’s a bit of confusion here.

“Token” in the sense that Barclays is mentioning it, is to do with their own direct feed. This isn’t one that’s used by QuickFile or Yodlee.

When you set up a Barclays feed with Yodlee, you should be presented with a screen to enter all your details. We recommend using the memorable word option if you have it set up (and if you don’t, you can set it up through your online banking). This will allow the feed to be automated.

The mention of ‘Token’ on the Yodlee feed refers to the Pinsentry code. While you can use this method, because of the nature of the setup, it won’t be automated.

I hope that makes sense?