Not able to link email to cam scanner

I have just set up with quickfile and also to use cam scanner. But when I try to add my email address to the quickfile account settings it says that the email address is already linked to another account. It’s my email address and I used it to set the account up with quickfile so …am I not able to use the same email I use for quickfile to send the receipts to the receipt hub?

Hi @act

Do you have another QuickFile account that you may have linked the email address to?

You can but I believe the error is saying you have another login somewhere else on another account. You can enter your email address here and see which other account it is registered to.

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Where exactly in settings are you trying to add this address? The configuration of email addresses used for emailing in receipts is completely separate from the “team management” login accounts side of things - to configure your address to allow emailing in from CamScanner (and elsewhere) you just need to enter it in the list on “account settings” -> “3rd party integration” -> “email my receipts”.

Any single email address can only be listed in this list for one QuickFile account, since it’s the “from” address on the email to that decides which QuickFile account’s receipt hub should receive the attachment.

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