Not all bank transactions imported

I set up the bank feed recently but have noticed that two early transactions were not imported which throws out the bank balance. How do I correct this please?

Hello @mwstone180

Is this a Yodlee bank feed? What bank is it with?

Generally speaking, you can go to More Options >> Refresh bank feed to refresh it manually, but I would just like to try and understand your position a bit better and perhaps shed a bit of light on why they weren’t picked up.

You can view any transactions that we’ve received from Yodlee by going to More Options >> Bank feed details and clicking Raw Yodlee Data, which would also show any duplicates that weren’t imported too.

If it’s not a Yodlee feed, but let me know and I’ll try and help further.

Sorry I replied to the email so you probably didn’t get it.
Yes this is a Yodlee feed to Santander Bank. I only recently set it up and I may have given the wrong opening date which may be the reason. Can you advise how to rectify? there are just 2 transactions missing.

No problem! The emails are sent from a “no reply” address, so they don’t actually go anywhere.

Given there are only 2 transactions missing, I would input them manually on this occasion.

Thanks, just wondering how I do that?

Oh the bank statement view page, you should see a button at the top - “Input new bank transaction”:

Just fill in the details (date, reference, type and amount), and it’ll add the transaction for you.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, all sorted
kind regards

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