Not getting a bank feed from Yorkshire Bank - SOLVED

I set up a bank feed with Yorkshire Bank just over a week ago, but so far it doesn’t seem like anything has been fed.
There are transactions that could feed ie they happened after the feed was set up.
I thought that one transaction did feed, but now I’m thinking it was direct from Quickfile (the cost of the bank feed) rather than from the bank statement.

In the bank account on Quickfile More options doesn’t show the option to pull the feed on request - instead I have the option to activate the bank feed. Does that mean that it didn’t set up after all? And it it didn’t, will I be expected to pay the £18 again if I set it up again?


Hi @IanBirch,

You will not need to pay again, once you have paid then it covers you for all the banking feeds. You may need to activate it.

Please try this and let me know if it has/hasn’t resolved the issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Beth. It didn’t solve the problem. In fact I couldn’t get the feed set up.
Now I look more carefully at the details I see that Yorkshire Bank’s URL is shown as in the search for bank details. While that is a URL for the bank’s online banking, it’s not the one I use. I use (for Yorkshire’s BusinessOnline banking)
When I try to log in manually on ybonline I fail (just like setting the feed up fails).

Seems like the feed is trying to login to a different system than the one I’m using at Yorkshire Bank. Is there a way to manually enter a URL to use?
There may be other problems too. The manual login requires not just a username and password, but a code from a specific small electronic card. Perhaps that means there’s no way to use this method of getting a statement feed?

PS I did have trouble setting the feed up before, but I thought I’d succeeded. Now I’m not sure that I ever did succeed…


I’ve seen a suggestion on another forum that it might be listed under Clydesdale rather than Yorkshire Bank - they’re two brands of the same bank and both brands share the same platform for BusinessOnline. You’ll need to search the Yodlee setup page by bank name, it won’t be listed in the initial “most popular” options.

Thanks Ian. That has worked. There is a Business Online link when you search for Clydesdale bank.

I appreciate the help.


Glad it’s sorted. I used to be with Yorkshire Bank using BusinessOnline and I remember that it did ask for a one time code at each login - this means that the Yodlee feed can’t run automatically overnight (because it needs you to generate the code), but you can refresh it on demand if you have your token.

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