Not seeing sent emailing in outlook

Hi, Love QuickFile and it has made my life so much easier. I just seem to have one slight problem with sending emails. I use my outlook 365 account to send invoices/estimates etc . But I dont ever see anything in my out tray from within outlook. Is this correct or is there an option I need to purchase ?

Many thanks if you have an answer…

ps… Im not a IT wizard so please in straight forwards idiots guide…

Hi @MarkR,

With your question I am assuming that you have set QuickFile up to use your email settings?

To have a copy in your sent box depends on your email provider, some will keep a copy others won’t. I know that for example google will show the sent emails.

If you have a PUS (Power User Subscription) then you should be able to see a log of all the emails you have sent for the previous 6 month period.

Alternatively there is an option to send a copy to yourself with new invoices/estimates, this works the same as a blind copy


Many thanks for the quick response .

As a power user would I be able to get a receipt to say email was delivered to recipient?


Hi @MarkR,

You cant get a receipt as such but on the email log there will be a tick to show whether it has been opened. The accuracy of this depends on the receivers email client (e.g. some may trigger this when it’s received, others may block it)

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It’ll tell you in the log whether they’ve clicked the link to view the online invoice, but if you’re sending PDF attachments then there’s no reliable way to know whether they’ve received it. I know you can request a receipt when you send an email from outlook but that’s not a reliable mechanism as it requires the recipient’s email system to co-operate and send the receipt back to you - if the recipient is also on outlook it’s more likely to work (though the user can disable read receipts if they choose to) but other email systems don’t necessarily support the feature or if they do it isn’t necessarily enabled by default or might pop up asking the user every time whether to send a receipt for that particular message.

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