Notes(to do list) + Filters + Andriod App

Hi, I would like to learn if there is option to keep notes for matter to do with accounts, a kind of to do list on control panel?
Secondly there should be filter on bank statement to analyse entries based on tagged, untagged, to be confirmed with date range option

Is there any App for QF for Andriod mobile phones?

Keep up the good work


There’s no to-do list within Quick File I think it may have been raised before and certainly something we can look into.

You can filter tagged and untagged items by clicking on the relevant section of the pie-chart. I don’t believe however you can then filter within a date range, as the advanced search would probably reset the tag status.

There are no plans to develop a full blown Android or iOS App. To migrate all the functionality in the web app to native mobile apps would be like rebuilding the whole of Quick File several times over and would be a monumental task. HTML5 would be the way to go in this respect and only certain functionality needs to be optimised for mobile, things like invoicing and expense entry.