Nothing has come through from the Natwest Feed?

Hi I have downloaded Natwest bank feed plugin .When I import transactions it shows as successful .I can,t find my bank transactions though .I don,t get the screen hover above when I login to my online banking ,but there is a import to quickfile button on my online banking .I am confused ? Could any-one shed light on this please ?

This link should be of help

I checked the logs for you and the feeds were all empty (i.e. no transactions in the feed). Even though it seems to send something, it’s basically sending an empty file. Try changing the date range.

I will try again but I am sure I have used recent dates that should have active banking details and transactions .No still no joy .I don’t get the small banner hovering

Checked again and the one you’ve done today still showing as empty. That’s why I suggested using exactly the same date range and account selection and download to your PC then check the file, see what’s in there. So you’d need to click the next button to download.

Also if you select “Since last download” and keep retrying it will always be empty as it thinks you have just downloaded.

Instead try using Historic transactions.

Hi Glen I have tried your suggestion but still no joy ,what else could I try .I have downloaded historical transactions ,the last years .nothing shows .Could it be that I don,t have the banner hovering or is it something else .It does not ask for the import key in chrome extensions. It might have before once but not after .I tried removing the the feed and rein-staling. Have you got any other advice please .Is there any accountants local that could show me the ropes .I am happy to pay and live in High Wycombe

Remote screen share should help

It’s difficult with bank feeds as there’s no easy way we can see what’s going on. All we can see it what arrives to us from your browser while your logged into Natwest. I checked again and I can see 3 empty feeds containing no transactions. The feed is working for other users so I’m really not sure what’s happening.

The only other thing I can suggest is to check you have the account ticked at the bottom. Your screen should look something like this.

How do we do that .Could you please tell me more

The option is in the download transactions area. Select Historic transactions.

Then click the next button, you should then see the screen visible in my previous post.

Hope that helps!

This option download to my PC .F.K mentioned screen share how do i go about that ?

Screen share is through remote access on your PC while you are online to run through the process and see what is not filtering through

Could any one assist me in this . Also how much would the charge be for this ? Thank you in advance

Hi Glenn do you have any credible accountants that could use my log in bank and quick file details to see what is wrong .I am happy to pay .Could the problem lay with my PC ? Would a person need to log in from my PC to see what is wrong ? What do you suggest ?

Let me send you a private message to discuss this further.