Where is there a noticeboard where people looking for help with their accounts using QuickFile can go?

Hi @StuartNorfolk,

Do you mean this button that you can find from your QuickFile home page?

Hi Beth, no. I’m looking at it as an accounting practitioner. I’m trying to ascertain whether there’s a notice board or some other device where people looking for an accountant or bookkeeper can advertise their need of one, but someone specifically looking for help in using QuickFile.

Hi Stuart,

There isn’t really anything like that, people tend to use the Forum and will select the #accounting category if they have accounts related questions or there is a #marketplace category.

Or, they would click that button mentioned above which would take them to a page where they can enter their query and an accountant would get in touch.

Okay, thanks Beth. In that case can I suggest that you create one? Well, not you personally, but one of the team.

I will put it into the ideas catagory.

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