Old company name appearing on emails

I started quick file before I changed my company name. I have changed the name in the company details but the old name still appears on the header of emails to clients. How can I change this?

If you log into your Dashboard go to the Account Settings Menu and select the option “Routine emails”. Now scroll down to the bottom and you will see an email signature box which you can edit.

Hope that helps!

No that isn’t it. When a client clicks to view an invoice the header at the top of the page containing the invoice has the old company name

OK I see where you’re referring to. I’ve updated that for you.

Although do you have a company logo? The text in the header can be replaced by uploading your logo. You can do this in Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Express Banner Designer.

You can also further customise the client area here by applying your own colour theme, menu options etc.

great got it. thanks

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