Old invoice template copied when copying old invoice

hi i believe this to be a bug because i copied an old invoice to update the info for a new sale for a customer. In the old invoice from 2 years ago, i had different invoice template and payment terms, crucially it contained old bank details. Since the 2 years I have changed the payment terms in the invoice template and crucially new bank details in there.

so i did a renewal so i copied an old invoice and changed the dates for the new term today, and i didn’t notice that the payment terms were also copied from the old 2 year old invoice, and sadly the old bank details copied also, so now my customer has paid the old account which is closed and so the payment is currently missing!!

this is the second time a customer has received the old bank details! and i have now worked out why!

this seems like a bug to me as I would expect that the invoice information is copied for the sales, but added to a new invoice using the current template!?

please fix or make it more clear, i will try and remember to check all the details before i send out invoices!

Hi @itsdorset

Sorry to hear if you’ve experienced issues here.

Are the bank details stored in the payment terms or additional notes boxes on the invoice?

I’d disagree as you could have special terms or notes for that client or that particular invoice so you would want those specific terms or notes copying over too.

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