Old payment that was tagged and remains unallocated cannot be linked to invoice

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Back in September 2019, a payment was made into our business account. For whatever reason, the invoice was not uploaded into the system at that time. The payment was tagged but wasn’t allocated to any invoice. We’ve now uploaded the invoice but QuickFile is not linking the payment to the invoice. The transaction is now locked so it cannot be untagged. The payment remains unallocated and the invoice remains overdue. Any help on this would be really appreciated

Hi @olga20

How was the payment tagged initially? Was it just as a prepayment (to the client’s account)?

Hi, Mathew, Yes, the payment was linked to the client’s account. But now that we have an invoice in the system for the same client and the same amount, it does not seem to be making the connection. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @olga20

Thanks for confirming!

If you view the invoice you wish to pay, and click “Log Payment”, you should see an option to “Pay from Credit” at the top. This should then deduct it from the prepayment balance held on account.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It did, Mathew. Thanks again!!

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