Old VAT return being brought into New

Hi there. For all of last year I did VAT via the Flat Rate Scheme.
I used Accrual accounting.
All was fine and I have done 4 VAT returns using the Quickfile reports.

I had to switch away from the Flat Rate scheme as of 1st April - and at the same time I changed the setting to Cash Accounting -

I’ve just done my first VAT report and it looks like every sales invoice from last year has been included in my return!

Question - can I just change the Vat Filing Start Date to 1/4/20 to stop the old items from coming through or is that going to mess anything up?

Hi @greeiig

This would be the reason. When you’re on accrual accounting, the invoices are taken into account. Now you’ve changed to cash accounting, the payments are taken into account.

So now you’ve changed scheme, it will pull in all payments.

This would be fine. The start date is basically a barrier, so anything prior to that date is excluded.

Thanks for quick response - that’s all good.
I actaully have one invoice that was paid on 2nd April so is in the previous period’s VAT return.
So I’m thinking I could set the filing start date to 3rd April and all should be good from here on in…
All I need to do now is to get my head round online filing!

One thing to bear in mind, is if you have any overlap (e.g. an invoice issued after your last accrual return, but paid before your next cash return), you may need to make a manual adjustment.

If you need any help with the filing part in QuickFile, please don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile:

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