Old VAT return

I’ve just submitted my Sept VAT return using the bridging software. My June return is outstanding. I’ve tried to backdate the VAT filing start date to 1 April (the start of the outstanding return) but am getting the message “VAT start date must be after the last period filed”. So I’m not able it seems to submit the overdue return. How can I overcome this please?

Hi @ManicGooner,

QuickFile will only let you do things in chronological order. So you will need to roll back the submitted return to be able to submit the previous one.

Thank you. I have deleted the Sept return and that has allowed me to send in the June return. So all solved I think. I understand that the Sept return, although removed from the Quickfile records is still lodged with HMRC. Thanks again.

Hi @ManicGooner,

Yes that is correct, rolling back in QuickFile doesn’t alter anything that has already been submitted

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