One client paying other clients accounts

Here is a bit of an odd one…

I have one Client who is going to bundle my services for 12 months to each of his customers, after the 12 months then if the Customers wishes to continue with my services then they will have to be invoiced directly.

I really need to setup each customer with their own account, there may be as many as 2-3000, I then want to basically apply a 12 month credit to that account, paid by my main client who would of course require an invoice - but how then do I apply the credit to the end user customers own account as at the end of the 12 month period a DD mandate will kick in automatically…??


Hi @daveh001

If I understand you correctly, you have a client (let’s call them client A) who is offering your services to their clients (lets call them client B for simplicity purposes) who will receive it for free, but A will be paying you for this 12 months. Then, after the 12 months, potentially their A’s clients will become yours too, and you will need to invoice B directly.

Hopefully that’s right, and I think this could be a solution:

When A buys your service, then invoice them as per usual, and log the payment as you normally would.

Assuming you have a ‘trial’ period for B, you could send them an email/letter (or however you are able to communicate with them) at say month 10, and ask them to set up a direct debit if they wish to continue.

At that point, set up their client record, record a new DD, and create a recurring invoice which will start on the date B becomes your client, and set auto collect by DD.

I think what may be useful is perhaps a small module that connects to QuickFile via the API, which could help make this process a bit easier for you. I’m happy to help there too, but please let me know if I’m on the right lines first! :slight_smile:

Hi - fast reply…

Yes you are on exactly the right track, I am trying to minimise input manually, as I said there could be as many as 2-3000 of these customers, whilst they wouldn’t come all at once it could still be a few hundred at a time…

I thought about getting my client A to produce his customers in the spreadsheet suggested for uploading new Clients in bulk, at least then I have all the main details and at 10 months could do as you suggested…?

I think a spreadsheet would be good - you could convert this to a CSV file and import them. There’s currently no way to set a reminder to email them after 10 months, but you could use the Google Calendar integration to help set up reminders, or you could set up the recurring invoices from there and keep an eye on when they are due to be generated.

Or if you wanted to look at the API and module route, there’s good documentation at Or it may be better to get a developer on board if you don’t know where to start.

Thanks for your help, I think this will work, I do have access to an I.T person and will run this past him.

Thanks again - great support…


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