One invoice received for multiple purchase orders sent

Hi, I’ve just purchased six print jobs from one online printer, using a separate PO number for each. The printer has grouped all six purchases together and invoiced me for the total amount. How can I tag this please? Do I have to delete five purchase orders and put all six jobs onto one single purchase order?

Hi @bassmandave

Can I just double check - are you referring to purchase invoices they’ve sent you, or purchase orders you’ve sent them (and they’ve referenced)?

Hi Mathew, thanks for your rapid response. I was just going to delete the question, because the printer has acknowledged the separate PO numbers and sent me a separate invoice for each.

In case it helps in the future, I was asking about multiple purchase orders sent out by me, for which I thought I would be receiving a single invoice for the total amount - which has happened to me in the past.

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